Claire O'Rourke

Claire is a campaigner, communicator and behavioural change expert working to transform Australia into a global leader in climate solutions. 

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New Book: Together We Can

Everyday Australians doing amazing things to give our planet a future. 

Australia is on the front lines. It’s going to take a massive, all-hands-on-deck effort to turn this around, and where to start can be overwhelming. 

Together We Can is an invitation to anyone worried about what climate change means in uncertain times, and a challenge to take action that reconnects our communities, transforms our country and is hopeful and empowering.

Half the royalties from Together We Can got to Groundswell, a home-grown organisation that supports climate action.

Praise for Together We Can

Climate Action Starts Here

You’re recycling and signing petitions, so it’s  time to level up! Here’s everything you need to help get Australia’s emissions down in this critical decade.

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