Climate Action Starts Here

Thinking it’s time to level up? Here’s how you can help get Australia’s emissions down in this critical decade. 

Okay, you’ve heard it before, but have you done it yet? Don’t over-think it: the main thing is to switch to the provider that has the lowest emissions profile that your circumstances can manage and tell your old provider exactly why you’re leaving.

It’s also worth checking in every year or so, as prices for climate-friendly services will very likely continue to fall.

Many seasoned advocates began their climate journey by talking to a friend or two and working out what to do together, or by joining the first group that looked like a good fit.

Your local conservation council or environment centre can help direct you to local climate and environmental groups (and they also lead a bunch of critical climate campaigns you can join):

Lowering your impact is important, but wouldn’t it be great to have a personal coach? Happily the One Small Step app is just that.

WWF Australia has a handy carbon footprint calculator and loads of tips on how you can decarbonise everyday living.

Making your home climate-friendly is a great thing to do if you’re able. Check out Renew, an organisation that provides independent, quality advice, and the My Efficient Electric Home group on Facebook is a feast of tips and solutions.

If you’re renting, campaign for healthier homes with Better Renting.

When it comes to everyday campaigning, here’s a few tips:

  • Sharing something on social media you’re furious about or pleased to see changing? Remember to tag your local politician by using the @ symbol and their profile name. Trust me, they notice.
  • Speaking of engaging your politician (remember they represent you), a polite, heartfelt letter or phone call from you and your friends will get your local MP listening. For tips on how to write letters, submissions or how to visit a pollie, head to The Commons library or The Change Agency —you’ll find a heap of other resources on campaigning and organising there too.
  • Remember, you can get transferred to any politician’s office in Parliament House, Canberra, by dialling (02) 6277 7111.
  • Check out Democracy in Colour, an organisation that works towards a society where the inherent worth, dignity and humanity of everyone is recognised. 
  • Furious about something no one’s fixing yet? Start your own campaign with GetUp’s handy tool  or go to

Most of us are at work most of the time, so stack climate action into your 9 to 5.

  • Work for Climate is the place to learn how to pitch climate action to your employer, with a solid business case.
  • Professionals Advocating for Climate Action is a growing network with monthly meetings held online. 
  • Better Futures Australia is an alliance of companies, professional associations and individuals representing more than 7 million Australians, totalling more than $330 billion in GDP, assets and market capitalisation that your organisation can join. 

Learn more on the climate challenge, and the systemic shifts we need in our energy, transport and land-use sectors here:

If you’re frozen with freak-out, you’ll be taking climate action with one hand tied behind your back. Seriously, get some help.

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